T-Rexx™(Testosterone Booster)

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Boost your alpha attitude with T-Rexx!

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What it does:

  • -Optimizes natural Testosterone production.

  • -Boosts blood Testosterone and LH levels.

  • -Controls Estrogen levels to prevent negative feed-back!

  • -Binds to SHBG to free more Testosterone.



Your body needs testosterone to build muscle, burn fat , and increase your sex drive.
It also prevents muscle breakdown when dieting and exercising. It is one of the key anabolic hormones for skeletal muscle growth. Men of all age need enough testosterone in their bodies.T-Rexx is the only testosterone booster that has the ingredients you actually need to increase your testosterone levels. All ingredients are perfectly dosed for your needs. Contains Vitamin D , Arginine and Zinc to optimize natural testosterone levels. 3 grams of D-Aspartic acid a total of 3 grams of an herbal blend (Fadogia Agrestis, LongJack, Epimedium) to increase your LH levels which in result increase testosterone production. It contains DIM and Flax Hull Lignans to block estrogen from attaching estrogen receptors. This will allow your body to maintain your elevated testosterone levels without having to worry about negative estrogen feedback! It also binds to your SHBG allowing you to increase your free Testosterone levels. All of this in a SINGLE serving! Stack it with GrowwAM for a greater anabolic environment! Full month’s supply!

Directions: Take 1 serving a day with your pre-workout meal. Do not exceed 1 serving a day.