Peelt™(Fat Burner)

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Burn fat and get PEELT!

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What it does:

  • -Increases thermogenesis!

  • -Boosts metabolism!

  • -Optimizes thyroid function to promote fat loss!

  • -Increases fat oxidation!

  • -Prevents new fat cells from forming.




There is a ton of products out there that claim to promote fat loss. Unfortunately , many of them are either underdosed or do not work at all. The ones that work often target one single metabolic pathway that promote lipolysis. However, Peelt targets all possible metabolic pathways to promote fat loss and an over-all leaner look. Boosts thermogenesis with 300 mg of Caffeine and 40 mg of synephrine to burn fat.. 2g of Carnitine and 1g of Ornithine to promote fat usage for energy. 1g of Conjugated Linoleic Acid to prevent new fat cells from forming. Tyrosine and Gum Guggul Extract to boost your thyroid function. Inhibits cortisol to prevent wasting muscle while burning fat. We added diuretics to help you get rid of subcutaneous water. Uses insulin optimizing/mimicking agents such as ALA and Banaba Extract to keep your blood sugar levels low and your  muscles fed! As you can see, fat loss through thermogenesis, fat loss through fat oxidation, fat loss through tricking your body into using fat for fuel. Every possible metabolic pathway to achieve your goals! Stack it with Longevite for greater results! This product contains stimulants that may or may not cause insomnia. To avoid  this, try stacking it with GrowwPM™. 1 cycle’s(3 week) supply!

Directions: Take 1 serving first thing in the morning and another serving 6 hours later. Preferably before  a workout. People who weigh more than 220 pounds can take another pack first thing in the morning. Do not exceed 2 servings if you weigh 220 pounds and less and do not exceed 3 servings if you weigh more. Get off of it fully for a week after every 3 weeks of continuous use to get maximum results.Do not take it after 6pm to avoid having sleep problems.