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  • You contact Dozer Nutrition® for

    -Issues regarding your order/shipping status

    -Retail inquires

    -Applications for becoming an Team Dozer Athlete and/or a Rep

    -Other business inquires


    For applications: Contact us via e-mail with the following information and we will get back to you shortly!


    • -Name of your store(s)
    • -Number of years in the business
    • -Business location (City / State)
    • -A brief description of your store
    • -Some other brands that you already retail
    • -How many of our items are you thinking to stock
    • -Average sales per month(item quantity) i.e 100 items
    • -Is this an online vendor?
    • -A catalog of the products you retail in PDF format
    • -Name of our product(s) you would like to retail.
    • -Full Name
    • -Age
    • -Location(City/State)
    • -Weight
    • -Height
    • -An attached picture that shows full body(not naked)
    • -Competitive history
    • -Your Exercise Routine
    • -Your Diet
    • -Supplements you use
    • -Level: NPC, IFBB Pro etc..
    • -Full Name
    • -Age
    • -Location(City/State)
    • -Names and websites of 3 forums that you wish to rep in(if any)
    • -Name of the campus you want to rep in
    • -An attached picture that shows full body(not naked)
    • -Criticize one of our supplements. Give us your opinion on the ingredients. Tell us what you know about them and how they work.
    • -Your forum user names so we can look you up
    • -Reps have to have used at least 2 Dozer Nutrition products before they can apply. To prove that, please submit a receipt(Any kind), and a picture of your current Dozer Nutrition stack.(You simply can't represent a brand you have never used)
    For issues regarding your orders:
    • -Include your full name
    • -Order number
    • -Order date
    • -What was in your order

    We are excited to hear from you!

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