About Us


Dozer Nutrition® aims to provide athletes and fitness enthusiast everywhere with products that are perfectly designed for their needs. We notice that the nutrition supplements market has gone quite the wrong way over the past decade. Companies everywhere, took advantage of individuals who are on the supplement bandwagon. These companies use the names of the newest product ingredients not actually telling the buyers that the actual dose that they are getting is quite low. They use products that aren't studied on humans and not proven useful. Dozer Nutrition® however, takes a different approach. We do not use any proprietary blends so you know exactly what you are getting and how much you are getting. Our ingredients are all individually studied and we use the amounts that were used in human clinical trials. So our products simply consist of rights ingredients in the right amounts! We actually encourage you to research the ingredients of our products, so you can see the facts for yourself!

Our company strives to remain up to date with the most recent researches regarding sports supplements. Here, we promise our customers one thing: Honesty. We spend days researching and formulating our products so you get the best there is on the market. Our products always get their job done. Each product has a great scientific backing behind it and nothing is hidden behind so called "Blends" and "Complexes". Of course we name some of our mixes within our products but we offer full supplement facts so you see exactly what we put in the mix and how much! We do not feel the need to hide the amounts of our ingredients because we are confident that we put the right amounts into our products.

Another trick that gives supplement companies a bad name is the amount of ingredients per serving. For instance: when a product claims to have 4 grams of Citrulline Malate followed by a tiny little ' * ' that leads to another claim that says "per 2 serving", where exactly is the honesty? Our products deliver all of the required ingredients in the right amounts in ONE serving only(Except for Peelt, the reason being; fat burners work better when taken in two separate doses to keep the ingredient levels within your system steady). Our product line does and always will consist of highly focused products for specific purposes. Meaning, we will always have one product that improves exercise performance and one product that increases testosterone levels etc... The reason behind this is that when we formulate our products, we make sure users will not feel the need to look somewhere else to find another product to add to their supplement routine to get the job done. You are all set and good to go with only one of our products for your desired purpose. Our pre-workout has all the ingredients you need in a pre-workout. Our testosterone booster has everything you need to boost your testosterone levels. Same goes for our other products as well.

This however, does not mean that we will not improve/re-formulate our products. We can guarantee you that we will continue to deliver the best products on the market by continuously re-formulating and improving our products using the most recent scientific data available! We come up with the formulas and then produce them at a GMP certified facility to make sure our customers get high quality products that are produced ,bottled and sealed in a very hygienic manner.

To top it off, we implemented a 128bit SSL(Secure Socket Layer) on our website to keep your transactions safe and information secure. We always strive to keep your health and hard earned cash safe and secure. 

Thank you and Welcome to Dozer Nutrition®